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“We contacted LIFT to help us with IT support. They replaced our previous IT person for less money and with better service.”

- Jack Brain and Associates

“LIFT Consulting diverse skill set has enabled us to utilize one IT support solution in place of 3 with our previous provider.”

- Fricke Parks Press, Inc

“Our MAC users love the prompt response and reliable answers to their unique problems from LIFT consulting support technicians.”

- Los Altos Town Crier

“Our network wiring project and telco room install was completed on time and under budget by the wiring team from LIFT.”

- Big Monocle Design

“At PMI Ink, we require 24/7 uptime from our servers and LIFT insures that we are online and secure day in and day out.”

- PMI Ink

“When our network crashed, LIFT technicians worked 9 hours straight to make sure we were open for business at 8am the next day.”

- DAHL Plumbing


Wireless & Network Security

Technological threats are everywhere, and it is a company's duty to protect its clients from these threats. Loss of sensitive customer information can be devastating, even catastrophic for your business. Without protection you are at risk of loss of data from viruses, or through hostile takeovers by hackers. To combat these risks Lift Consulting installs, configures, and maintains the most secure security systems that technology has to offer. Our security systems include but are not limited to password protection, encryption, firewall installation and configuration, as well as secure automatic backup systems. To ensure these systems work to the best of their ability we also offer network security training for you and your employees.

Virus Prevention

Viruses can be very dangerous to your computer. They can shut down your computer completely, slow down your computer, or they can hide on your computer while sending your sensitive information to their creator. You can contract computer viruses through email, or just by searching the web and going to the wrong place. Lift offers, installations, and configuration of antivirus software that runs on an automatic schedule. New viruses are created every day a good antivirus software will retrieve and implement the latest virus information during its updates. These updates and regular virus scans are imperative to keeping your computer virus free. Our technicians can configure the best virus programs in the market today, to automatically update and execute Virus Scans on a regular basis. We also offer virus recognition training to you and your employees, this training will help you spot potential threats that come to you via email or on the web. It will also help you to recognize the signs that your computer has been infected by a virus. The sooner a virus is removed, the less damage it can cause.

Virus Removal

Computer virus removal can be extremely difficult depending on the virus and its level of infection. Our technicians are skilled at detecting viruses, and stopping them before they completely destroy your computer. Viruses can hide very easily from the untrained eye. You may think the best course of action is to restart your computer when it starts acting up, this action could cause a complete data loss. If your computer is acting strange and you have been to any new websites, or if you opened email that may have seemed fishy, please do not shut down your computer! The best course of action is to contact a skilled technician like the ones we provide. If you would like a course for you or your employees on how to recognize viruses please feel free to give us a call. Education is the first line of protection.

Secure Remote Computer Repair

For your convenience Lift offers secure remote computer repair. We utilize NRT global technology to securely access your computer over the Internet. This is permission-based software, which allows us to look inside your computer while you watch what we are doing from your screen. Through this remote connection we can access your system to look for problems, and viruses. Once we detect your issue we will attempt to repair it remotely through the NTR global system. If we are unable to repair your problem remotely an appointment will be made for us to come to your facility and fix it in person.

NTR global

Provides multilevel security that safeguards every point in the remote support delivery chain, from login authentication to communication travel over 256-bit AES encryption. Customers maintain control over third-party access to their machines, while administrators have ultimate control over support-agent permissions. Read more about NTR global...

Platforms We Service

  • Mac OSX 10.5-10.8
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows Servers 2003, 2008, 2012

Custom Computer Builds With Hardware Installation

Need a special computer that you can't find in the market today? Lift technology can help you build it. We will assess your computing needs and skill level. Design a custom computer that meets your needs. Assist in the acquisition of the components necessary to build this computer. Assemble those components and install your operating system and programs. Building your own computer offers storage versatility, extremely high speeds, mirror configurations, large amounts of RAM, extended computer life, and more. If you're interested in building a custom computer please contact us.

Computer repair

If we can build them we can fix them! Lift technicians know computers inside and out. Whether it's hardware or software related we have this solution to your computer problems. Our technicians can remove viruses, look for program conflicts, decipher error messages, defrag hard drives, install service packs, replace hardware, upgrade and repair operating systems, and much much more. If you are in need of computer repair please call us, or fill out our contact form listing the type of computer and operating system that you need help with.